To create an enabling environment for an artistic community- of -practice that facilitates space for individual artistic process and practice, peer learning, critical skills development and community engagement through the provision of:


• Studio space for studio practice.
• Peer learning, mentorship and networking platforms such as workshops, talks, lectures; etc.
• Facilitation opportunities for artists through community engagement as a means of expanding their value proposition and income earning potential.
• Community through shared space.

The history and contribution of these partner initiatives to the broader art community has been well documented in articles and books published locally and internationally. They are widely acknowledged for their immense contribution to growing an inclusive and interactive environment, dating back to the apartheid era where black artists were excluded from mainstream teaching and learning insitutions



47-49 Greatmore Street Woodstock,
Western Cape 7925, South Africa

Open Hours

Due to Covid-19 Health Regulations and implications studio visits can be arranged directly with artists.

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